Uber Grants British Drivers Sick Pay at a Cost of £2 per week

Uber has annouced it will grant drivers upto £2,000 in sickpay if they have been unable to work for 2 weeks or longer due to sickness or Injury. It comes with the condition that drivers must have made atleast 500 trips, and will have to pay a £2 a week fee to pay for the cover. In addition they will cover £300 per week, if a driver is involved in an accident during a trip, or if the driver is summoned for Jury service.

This will come as a huge relief for the 40,000 British drivers who currently partner with the firm.

Uber Seeks Help From Facebook To Befriend Fellow Riders

A recent patent application published recently, has given away that Uber is looking to seek the power of Facebook data to connect its UberPool riders who have similar backgrounds and interests.

The new feature will alert riders if they are about to get in a cab with a fellow rider who has mutual friends, went to the same school or even grew up in the same town.

This will clearly break the ice between riders. and make them feel more comfortable whilst on their low cut price journey with a stranger.



Many UberPool users share a ride home in the back of a Toyota Prius in complete silence, without knowing that they probably went to the same University or even have a friend in common.

The application shows the potential for riders to only share cars with passengers that they have something in common with.

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Google Maps Makes it Easier to Book an Uber



Whilst searching for travel options on Google Maps, You can now book an Uber ride directly though the app.

The latest integration update backed by Uber’s Api now allows a user to request a ride directly through the Google Maps app. You can book a ride, see your drivers location and check your trips status all without having to switch to the actual Uber app. You can also choose which of your payment options you wish to use that you already have saved on your Uber account.

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